[Too much] has been done

Illusion 005 - Cake Aftermath [Video]

[The feed clicks on, fuzzy at first, and sniffing heard. The feed then clears, revealing a lamb by the name of Fluffy looking right into it. Shuffling, the lamb moves, as does the device. Suddenly, half the feed shows the inside of the sheep's mouth, and the other half?]


[Lady Aska is lying on the bed, small hands over her stomach.]

We... We are not amused, Ticking City! Your offering is-

[She winces, groans again, and with a 'baaa' from the lamb, the feed clicks off.]
A little [chuckle] never hurt

Illusion 004 - Claiming [Video]

[See Lady Aska. See Lady Aska holding a small lamb. See Lady Aska looking very smug (despite said small lamb struggling).]


Attention! We would like to announce that we have claimed this small animal for the proud country of Fahren! If anybody dares to touch it, we will mete out punishment as we see fit!

We plan to take it home to Fahren and make it the official pet! A little magic will be sufficient to make more, we think. If not, we will just bother Old One until he teaches us the cloning spell! Everyone on Fahren will have this 'lamb' in their home, and then everyone will be happy!

[She laughs again, only for the lamb to wriggle out of her grasp and towards the device, which then clicks off.]
[Ecstatic] about the possibilities

Illusion 003 - Treasure Hunting [Video]

[The device clicks on, to reveal Aska "gearing up", so to speak. This means putting candy, a plastic digging spade, and a fan into the wide sleeves of her top.]

Hmm... Yes, we think that should do it. All the things we need to go treasure hunting! We get so bored here sometimes, but we think the beach has something for us to find. We will go dig it up, and claim the treasure in the name of Fahren!

What if it's too big, though? If Sang Yung were here, we could make him carry it, but...

[She pauses, rubbing her chin as the device shuts off.]
Hell hath no [fury]

Illusion 002 - Defending [Blocked from Riley]

We are not sure what that post about Huey was meant to do (Umi took our device and did something, so we cannot see the post anymore), but whatever Riley said, it isn't true! Huey is our friend, and he is a good person, so none of you should take what that person said seriously!

As for the one who ruined Huey's name, well, it's clear he is a bad person! He said mean things, and must pay the penalty! We, the Crown Princess Lady Aska of Fahren, will definitely see that justice is served.
Arrogant [laughter]

Illusion 001 - Re-entry

So, we have returned to this place again, have we? Well, we suppose that is all right. It was not too awful, the last time we were here. However, if you do not cease that incessant ticking noise, we will not hesitate to punish you!

Your defiance is almost laughable. You do not even set out gifts to make up for the last time you brought us here? That hubris will become your demise! Hear that, Old One? Hubris! We pay attention more than you think!

In any event, the Magic Knights... Are they still here? We liked being around them, and we were less lonely. We demand their presence, tea, and candy. We are the Crown Princess Aska of Fahren, and we will accept nothing else! You will conform to our wishes or face the consequences!