Lady Aska of Fahren (askagainplz) wrote,
Lady Aska of Fahren

Illusion 001 - Re-entry

So, we have returned to this place again, have we? Well, we suppose that is all right. It was not too awful, the last time we were here. However, if you do not cease that incessant ticking noise, we will not hesitate to punish you!

Your defiance is almost laughable. You do not even set out gifts to make up for the last time you brought us here? That hubris will become your demise! Hear that, Old One? Hubris! We pay attention more than you think!

In any event, the Magic Knights... Are they still here? We liked being around them, and we were less lonely. We demand their presence, tea, and candy. We are the Crown Princess Aska of Fahren, and we will accept nothing else! You will conform to our wishes or face the consequences!
Tags: aska, kidnapped ftl, re-arrival
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