Lady Aska of Fahren (askagainplz) wrote,
Lady Aska of Fahren

Illusion 003 - Treasure Hunting [Video]

[The device clicks on, to reveal Aska "gearing up", so to speak. This means putting candy, a plastic digging spade, and a fan into the wide sleeves of her top.]

Hmm... Yes, we think that should do it. All the things we need to go treasure hunting! We get so bored here sometimes, but we think the beach has something for us to find. We will go dig it up, and claim the treasure in the name of Fahren!

What if it's too big, though? If Sang Yung were here, we could make him carry it, but...

[She pauses, rubbing her chin as the device shuts off.]
Tags: aska, bored princess is bored
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