Lady Aska of Fahren (askagainplz) wrote,
Lady Aska of Fahren

Illusion 004 - Claiming [Video]

[See Lady Aska. See Lady Aska holding a small lamb. See Lady Aska looking very smug (despite said small lamb struggling).]


Attention! We would like to announce that we have claimed this small animal for the proud country of Fahren! If anybody dares to touch it, we will mete out punishment as we see fit!

We plan to take it home to Fahren and make it the official pet! A little magic will be sufficient to make more, we think. If not, we will just bother Old One until he teaches us the cloning spell! Everyone on Fahren will have this 'lamb' in their home, and then everyone will be happy!

[She laughs again, only for the lamb to wriggle out of her grasp and towards the device, which then clicks off.]
Tags: aska, clampartment, lamb ftw, video
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