Lady Aska of Fahren

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19 January
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The Girl
NAME. Lady Aska of Fahren
AGE. Unknown; appears 7 or 8
FANDOM. Magic Knight Rayearth (Manga)
GENDER. Female
TIMELINE. Post-series
RESIDENCE. Undecided
The Details
PERSONALITY. Lady Aska is a child in every sense of the word. Even her motive for going to Cephiro (to make it a wonderland full of candy) is childish. Like a typical princess, she's spoiled; her first reaction to seeing the Mashin of the Magic Knights was, "They're splendid! We want them!" This leads into another quirk; she uses 'we' rather than 'I' to speak about herself; though the reason for why is never revealed in canon, it's speculated that she uses 'we' since it's a tradition in many royal countries. She also has a temper, and is quick to anger at times. Mostly, she stays cheerful and upbeat, often claiming, "We are invincible!" She's not cocky as much as a bit over-confident.

Despite her faults, Aska has her moments of insight and selflessness, especially when it comes to her country, Fahren, and its people. It was her love of her country that made her decide not to become the Pillar, yet she was still curious, and wanted to know how Emeraude died. She was also highly angry when Sang Yung became injured while he was fighting for her.

POWERS/ABILITIES. Lady Aska has skills in various magics, much to Chang Ang's chagrin, including a technique called Illusion Threads that allow her to control a person's movements. Another skill allows her to make a giant Sang Yung to fight the Magic Knights. She may have other skills, but they are not shown in canon.
We are invincible!
HISTORY. When the land of Cephiro was in crisis, the Magic Knights (Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru) were called from Earth and brought to Cephiro to save Princess Emeraude, the Pillar of Cephiro, from the evil Zagato. However, the trials and tribulations the three girls were put through couldn't prepare them for the truth: Emeraude was in love with Zagato, and since her love was distracting her from being the Pillar, all of Cephiro was at risk. Since the Pillar couldn't take her own life, and nobody in Cephiro could harm the Pillar, she summoned the Magic Knights to kill her. Emeraude's love for Zagato manifested into a powerful form, which was killed by the Magic Knights. Upon her death, they were immediately sent back to Earth.

They traveled back to Cephiro months later, only to find it in a state of near ruin due to Emeraude's death. The land needed a new Pillar.

This is where Lady Aska comes in.

Lady Aska is the first princess of the country of Fahren, one of three kingdoms jockeying for the position of the Pillar. Her ultimate wish was to turn Cephiro into a land of sweets and candy, to make it a land that turns her every imagination into reality. Her companions are a wise man named Chang Ang, and a young boy named Sang Yung. Their dragon-shaped battleship carried them to Cephiro a few times, Aska using high-level magic to fight off both the Magic Knights and the second invading kingdom, Chizeta, but she was bested. Soon, Autozam, the third kingdom, used their road and stopped the other two from advancing further.

Eagle Vision, the leader of the group from Autozam, asked the two other kingdoms to stop their advance, or they would have to face Autozam. He also told Aska that she couldn't make both Cephiro and Fahren happy, because she would only be able to think of Cephiro, lest Cephiro crumble, like it was already doing. Upon discussion with Chanan and Sanyun, Aska decided that she would go to Cephiro anyway. However, she decided she couldn't become the Pillar, due to how much she loved her own country. Instead, she wanted to learn about Emeraude, and why she died, to hear the truth with her own ears.

Chizeta didn't give up either, so both kingdoms fought Autozam. As all three ships finally entered Cephiro's airspace, there was a burst of power, and the road to the Pillar opened. Mokona was the one who opened the road, and claimed that Hikaru and Eagle had the strongest hearts in all of Cephiro, so they would battle for the position of Pillar in time-stopped Tokyo, Japan. While Hikaru and Eagle fought, back in Cephiro, Mokona revealed himself to be the Creator, not only of Cephiro, but of Earth and its universe as well. He deemed Earth a failure due to all the war, destruction, and crime. So he created Cephiro, a world where one person, the Pillar, willed everything and kept the peace, so long as they thought only of Cephiro. He's also the one who named the Magic Knights.

Suddenly, an announcement was made: the new Pillar was Hikaru, and Eagle was doomed to disappear since he failed the test, since only the new Pillar was allowed to come back. However, Hikaru refused to accept that, and with the help of Umi and Fuu, she brought Eagle back with her. Using her position, Hikaru made a Promise for Cephiro, and eliminated the Pillar system. Instead, Cephiro now belonged to everyone, including the people of Chizeta, Autozam, and Fahren, all of them working together for a better tomorrow.

And so, Mokona and the Mashin went to a new universe, and peace returned to Cephiro.

A little while after this, Lady Aska is traveling across Fahren when she stumbles into a little town with a ticking clock...

The Mun
MUN NAME. Pari, AKA Chloe
AIM: chloeisangenius OR pariah164
EMAIL: pariah164@gmail.com
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